Mental Measurements Yearbooks

If you’ve been asked to review a test, and your teacher has mentioned the words “Mental Measurements Yearbooks,”  (and you’re really not sure how to start) here are some librarian tips on how to get this job done.

Go to Resources for Students on the library homepage and select:

Buros Test Reviews: Index to Mental Measurements Yearbooks.

Next, decide how you want to look up the test. In the example below Acronym has been checked, and towl (Test of Written Language) typed into the search box.

The following shows the result list for this search.

In the example above there is only one result for “Test of Written Language – Third Edition.” Click the link and you’ll get a bibliographic record of the test (see below). Search the record and identify which volume the test is located in, in this particular case the test is in the thirteenth yearbook.

Now, go to the ready reference area of the main library, and find the thirteenth volume (Call# Ref 151.22 B967m 1998). The series “Test Critiques” is also in this area (Call# Ref 150.287 T342c).

Remember, we don’t have actual tests – what we do have are reviews. One nice feature of the Burros website is that it has examples of how to cite test reviews. Click on  how to cite online reviews (left hand side of the Burros homepage) and then keep scrolling down to: “How to cite reviews from the Buros Institute’s Mental Measurements Yearbook.”

Reference librarian at Bank Street College Library.

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