How to Make That Perfect Photocopy

Enlarging and reducing a text so it will fit onto a preferred paper size often feels like a hit or miss experience. If you want to get the job done quickly on our new Toshiba eStudio 455 copiers the following instructions should do it.

1) Place your item on the copier’s glass plate like this.

2) Check out the different paper sizes and orientation on the copiers drawers.

3) Select zoom.

LT & Zoom

4) Select the paper size you want your original to be copied to. In this example we selected paper size LT (US Letter).

AMS Button

5) Press the AMS button. This allows the copier to identify the original document size, and to enlarge or reduce the original so it will fit onto the page size you’ve selected.

Here’s a librarian’s tip,  lift the lid up (and then down) to make sure the original document’s size is recognized by the copier. The percentage should change up or down from 100%. In the example above 100% changes to AMS 65%.

Basic AMS 65%

In the example above the copier reduced the original document from LD to 65% so it would fit onto LT (US letter size paper).

6) Now you are ready to print a perfect photocopy.

Reference librarian at Bank Street College Library.

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