Koha: Advanced Search

It’s been a month since we launched koha, our new catalog system. We’ve had lots of good feedback from patrons, one which made us smile was from a busy mom who tracked down a lost book with the help of the book jacket feature (yippee everyone wins).

Getting used to new system can be a bit daunting at first. But, wait! Don’t worry all your favorite links are there on the front page, e.g., databases, find a journal, a courtesy link to my.bankstreet.edu, and chatting with a librarian. There’s also a login box on the right where you can access your account and do lots of fun things, e.g., tag books for yourself and classmates, suggest new acquisitions the library should buy, and make lists (private and public).

A comment/query we’ve received recently goes something like this:

“How can I find a thesis? It was so easy in the old system.”

Well, it’s just as easy in the new system in fact you have a whole lot more choices. Hit the “Advanced Search” link on the catalog’s front page. This will take you to the screen in the example below. We’ve highlighted some of the many options you have – there’s no more pull-down menu hiding some of the goodies as in the old system.

To help you feel a little more centered on this page we’ve placed a book icon next to professional education materials as this is where most graduate students will do the majority of their browsing.

Reference librarian at Bank Street College Library.

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