Handing in a Thesis: Part 2

How do I learn more about IMPs (Integrative Master’s Project)? Let me count the ways (thank you Elizabeth Barrett Browning for the inspiration)…

In Person

We get asked a lot of questions regarding theses at the reference desk, which is good. But, there are a number of other ways, and some are just a few mouse clicks away.


There’s a wealth of knowledge on my.bankstreet.edu – look for Integrative Masters Project under the student tab. This really should be your first port of call on the web for all things IMP.

The library also has web pages devoted to IMP topics. You can find them in Library Index A-Z, and Preparing and Submitting Your Thesis (see Resources for Students).

In Print

Recently updated and available from the library’s reference desk, and the graduate suite “A Guide to the Integrative Master’s Project.”

A Guide to the Integrative Master's Project


For all of you visual learners out there the library is putting together a few simple videos on presenting a thesis. Our goal is to demystify the process, and to make handing in a thesis as easy as falling off a log. Here’s Part 1, stay tuned for more!

Here is the long awaited Part 2, outlining what exactly the librarian is checking when a student hands in a thesis to the library.

Reference librarian at Bank Street College Library.

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