Student: Let’s see, um it says here on my course outline that I have to get something on eReserve, help! What do I do?”

Librarian: Don’t worry it’s quite easy. Do you have the password your instructor emailed you?

Student: Yes, I do.

Librarian: Great, then just follow these mouse clicks.

eReserve home page link

Student: Well, that was easy.
Librarian: Now, you’re on the eReserve home page. [See below]

erserves Home Page

Student: OK, what’s next.
Librarian: Keep clicking.

eReserves choices

Student: So, there are a number of choices then? [See above]
Librarian: Yes, you have options: course number, department, and instructor.

eReserves final choice

Student: I’ll go with course name here, I know my instructor is Susan Stires, and my course is called “Teachers Role in the Development of …”
Librarian: Wise move. [See above]

eReserves typing in your password

Librarian: You’re on your own now. Librarians don’t have access to eReserve passwords so if you forget your password you’ll have to contact your instructor.
Student: Got it, very useful – easy, thanks for all the tips.
Librarian: You’re welcome. [See above]

Reference librarian at Bank Street College Library.

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  1. […] back in May 2011 we looked at EReserves. We’re making another big push for staff to think about EReserves for Summer I, Summer II, […]

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