What Can We Do Differently?

All summer we left up our informal library survey on the bulletin board opposite the reference desk. And, you wrote, and wrote, and wrote.

We’re happy to say that some of your recommendations were taken care of by the library’s recent renovation program, e.g., upgrading computer  software (we now have Windows 7 on the PCs and the macs have the latest Adobe CS5 suite).

Some issues like keeping the Quiet Room as it is (a no talking zone) or allowing groups to work there will always be contentious. And others just don’t fit with our library. Although we’ve all done it, sneaking a Starbuck’s coffee and cookie into the library encourages vermin and other pests to come in and nibble away at collection (we just have to say no). But we’re  glad that librarians and patrons are on the same page with most issues.

Archivist Lindsey Wyckoff has collated and grouped comments together, and worked on the library’s responses to your requests, and concerns. So, go have another look at the bulletin board – you maybe surprised that there are some easy fixes to some issues, for example:

  • an orientation for databases – we have research classes for that. And you can ask anyone sitting at the reference desk for a one-0n-one.
  • when you want an after hours children’s book recommendation there are our reading lists.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the library’s informal summer survey.

Reference librarian at Bank Street College Library.

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