EBSCOhost iPhone App

This app has been out for a while (October 2009), and now that iPhones and smartphones have become ubiquitous we thought it was time to look at how this little program works.

Find This on Any EBSCOhost Database Page

You have to be logged into an EBSCOhost database for this to work. If you’re not sure which databases Bank Street subscribes to visit the Library’s database page. You’ll find this link at the bottom of each page.

iPhone link at the bottom of EBSCOhost page

The Email

Clicking the link above generates a pop-up box where you write your email address. EBSCO then sends you the following email:

Dear EBSCOhost user, To begin using the EBSCOhost iPhone/iPod Touch application, follow the instructions below.

Step 1:
Download the app from iTunes: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/ebscohost/id433269587?mt=8&ls=1
Step 2:
View this email on your iPhone/iPod Touch and tap the link below to activate app:ebscoeh://wa/de99be7b777a2b449e37dba2091d…
(Note: You must access the link in Step 2 from your iPhone/iPod Touch mail app or cut and paste the link into a browser window. The activation link will expire in 24 hours.)
Questions? Visit http://support.ebsco.com/downloads/iphone_help/ehostapp/toc.html or send an email to support@ebsco.com. Thank you! EBSCO Publishing

OK, Now What?

Once you’ve downloaded and activated the software, you’re now able to access EBSCOhost databases on your iPhone or iTouch. It’s surprisingly easy and works nicely on wifi and 3G – I used it last week on the No. 1 train passing through 125th Street. The screen shot below gives you some idea of the what the EBSCOhost iPhone app will look like. However, instead of  seeing “courtesy of EBSCO Publishing” if you have done everything right you should see “courtesy of BANK ST COLLEGE OF EDUC…”

EBSCOhost’s website says that this mobile app will work  on a number of different platforms. e.g., Android and Blackberry. There are also a number of presentation on how to use this app, e.g.,  YouTube, and a flash tutorial.

Summing up, this app is great if you have a few minutes to spare, there’s no need to boot up a PC and you’re good to go for nine months after you’ve activated the link above. It’s great for collecting articles but I’ll do most of my reading on a bigger screen, and for articles I know will be winners it’ll be Ctrl+P.

Reference librarian at Bank Street College Library.

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