Renewing Books

Options for Renewing Books

Renewing books is best done online. But, there are other options too, such as:

  1. calling the circulation desk 212-875-4455
  2. emailing or responding to a courtesy email telling you your books are due in three days time
  3. renewing in person at the circulation desk

But don’t assume your books have been renewed unless you get a return call or email.

How to Renew Online

The first thing you need to do is to login to your account. On the Advanced Catalog Search screen you’ll see this link Login to Your Account (upper right hand corner) and it will take you to the dedicated  Log in page. To login to your account type in your 14 digit library barcode, available from the circulation desk and placed on the back of your ID card. First time users must use the word changeme (one word and lowercase). Once you’ve logged in change your password to something more memorable. Next watch this screencast on how to renew check-out items online (only takes a minute).

You’ll also see a login box on the right-hand side of the Library’s Koha Welcome Page as well.

Why Can’t I Renew This Book Online?

There are a number of reasons why you can’t renew online, here goes:

  1. the items have already been renewed five times
  2. another patron has placed a hold on the item (you do not have to return the item until the due date)
  3. the item is already overdue (you must return the item, or call the circulation desk)

Grace Period

Patrons have a two-day grace period before fines accrue. If a book 1s due, for example on 01/03/2012, then fines would not start until 01/06/2012. Sundays are not included in a grace period (as the Library is closed). This means if a due date is on a Friday, then fines won’t start until the following Tuesday.

Email Is Important

Make sure you give the Library an email address you check daily. Every time you check out or return items you should receive an email.

Reference librarian at Bank Street College Library.

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