Defacing Library Materials

This is not a major problem in our Library, but nevertheless it’s most annoying when you come across it. One can forgive a toddler, who doesn’t know any better, but we’re sorry, these pages were defaced by someone who can read very well!

An old saying goes something like this: “Nobody likes drinking from a dirty cup!” And as an extension of this, “Nobody likes reading a defaced book.”

Defaced Book

One saving grace in the example above is that someone decided to annotate on post-its. As a courtesy to others, we’d really appreciate it if all post-its were removed prior to checking in.

Defaced Book

Above is another example of a book defaced this time with a yellow marker, and annotated on both sides in pen and pencil. We would like to remind patrons of the Library’s policy on defacing materials:

Mutilating, damaging or defacing any Library materials, including tampering with or changing configurations or software on Library computers or displacing, disabling or unplugging Library equipment is prohibited.

The examples in this post come from “Making Sense: Teaching and Learning Mathematics with Understanding” and is available from Amazon.

Reference librarian at Bank Street College Library.

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