iBooks Author

This is just out from Apple, and yes we like iBooks Author because it’s so jolly easy to use. It’s designed for textbook writers, but we can see tons of potential for early childhood, special education, bilingual… gosh the list goes on. The hard bit will be writing texts, and collecting images, and thinking about all the amazing, interactive things you’ll be able to do.

iBook Author

OK, so what are the minuses. Commentators have said that if you publish your iBooks Author it has to be through Apples iTunes store, it’s basically an iPad book, and it’s in Apples proprietary “iba” format. If you are not worried about any of this, and you’re not interested in selling your book through iTunes Store, then things will go relatively smoothly for you. It’s possible to export and distribute your book as a pdf or as text.

Maybe you don’t want to use iBooks Author forever, but if you want to make something that looks fairly professional for an IMP (thesis), this seems like a good way to go especially in the light that all IMPs  will be digital starting Summer 2012. If you have a mac give it a try (and if you are die-hard PC fan see our Making Picture Books post) – you have nothing to lose, and it’s free.

Reference librarian at Bank Street College Library.

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