Frank Jolliffe

Frank first started working in the Library at Bank Street, July 2008. Frank was a pretty quiet guy and kept most things to himself, but there were a few things he shared with us: his love of all things library, his love of jazz, and Miss Kitty (his cat).

Miss Kitty

Frank just quietly got on with it – you would see him at his desk on a Friday afternoon tinkering with koha (our new cataloging system) with his earphones on listening to some cool laid back jazz. Frank was always busy, and when we had a flood in the Library he was there with his sleeves rolled up ready to go. Frank also reached out to others in the Bank Street community writing a successful Innova grant with Roberta Altman and Bernadette Anand. In the photograph below Frank and Bernadette work on the project “Faculty and Students Learning Across Borders: Drawing on U.S./India Experiences to Address Global Challenges and Issues in Education.”

Frank Jolliffe and Bernadette Anad

Sadly for all of us, Frank’s health took a turn for the worst – coming to work just became too much, and he had to eventually take long term leave finally resigning as the Library’s cataloger, February 2011. We were graced with emails from time to time and a brief visit from Frank just before Christmas 2011 after seeing doctors at New York Presbyterian, Columbia.

Frank Jolliffe

Just like a jigsaw puzzle we are putting a few pieces of Frank’s life together and getting some new insights into his passions, he was a good photographer and warr guitarist (sometimes called tap, touchstyle or stick).

We found out from a facebook posting that Frank had passed away Wednesday February 8, 2012. We received phone calls from other libraries where Frank had worked asking for confirmation. Our latest update is that there will be memorial concert April 1st, 2012 – we’ll keep you posted.

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Reference librarian at Bank Street College Library.

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  1. Bob Kenselaar says:

    To add to the bibliography: Selections from four of Frank’s CDs are available here:

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