R. J. Palacio: Author Visit

Last Tuesday (12/18/2012) R. J. Palacio spoke to Bank Street School for Children about her book Wonder. It was a return visit for Palacio who visited the School for Children earlier in the year.

After a tour of the College Library, Palacio spoke to children and staff in the auditorium, and then visited the 8/9s in their classroom for a discussion on book editing.

One Book Bank Street Project

The backdrop for Palacio’s visit is the One Book Bank Street Project where middle and upper school students,  and staff (as well as many other members of the Bank Street community) read Palacio’s book Wonder. I for one, was impressed by the quality of the questions students asked in the auditorium, and see it as a testimony to the hard work done by teachers in the classroom.

Julian Is Not Coming Back

In the video below, a Bank Street School for Children teacher reads an excerpt from Wonder. We learn that school bully Julian is not returning to Auggie’s Manhattan prep the following semester (listen for the gasp at the end of the clip)!

Did You Know

  • It took R. J. Palacio five years to write her book.
  • The idea for the book Wonder is rooted in a real life experience the author had after visiting a Brooklyn ice cream shop with her two sons and seeing a child with facial deformities.
  • The R in R. J. Palacio stands for Raquel.
  • Although R. J. Palacio has designed many book covers (e.g., for Salman Rushdie) she did not design the book cover for Wonder.
  • Palacio receives many emails from children and adults with facial differences (or deformities).
  • There is not going to be a sequel to Wonder.

To Find out more, visit the author’s tumblr page RJPALACIO, and our sister blog The Bank Street College Center for Children’s Literature.

Reference librarian at Bank Street College Library.

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