Reference Questions: Printing

It’s that time of year again, start of term…

Q: How do I print? How do I print (a PDF)? How do I print?

A: When you hit print, a dialog box will appear on your screen asking for

USERNAME: the first part of your bank street email address (everything before the @)
PASSWORD: your student ID number (located in the top left hand corner of your ID card)

Then a message will pop-up and fade on the bottom right hand corner of your screen saying your documents are being held in a queue.

  1. Walk over to the copy machine.
  2. Press the YELLOW function clear button (FC) twice.
  3. Tap your ID card against the card reader.
  4. Wait for your job to print (a green light should flash).
  5. Before you leave the printer, press the YELLOW function clear button again (to ensure that you are logged out of the printer).

If nothing printed, please ask a librarian for help.

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One comment on “Reference Questions: Printing
  1. […] you have run out of credit, visit the Library’s circulation desk to top up your PaperCut account. Although the copiers in the Library print black and white, they will scan to a flash drive […]

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