If you have a smartphone or tablet you’ve probably come across Flipboard. It’s a fun tool for curating online magazines, newspapers, social media, and websites – and it looks good.

The Web

In the early days it felt more like a portal for consumers rather than creators, and it was an app primarily for the iPhone and iPad. But, that’s all changing. It’s now possible to:

  • create your own magazine
  • share them.
  • view them on a computer (as well as on a smartphone or tablet)

It’s still about collecting webpages, it’s possible to annotate (but not much), and big clear images are important. Click on an image, and it will take you to the original web address, much like tumblr, learnist, and Pinterest.

Bottom Line

It’s very easy to collect and recompose items into an online magazine. Here’s one made by UNICEF USA on Children with Disabilities, an here’s another on George Orwell. Get excited and explore Flipboard’s list of featured magazines. There are endless possibilities for teachers to create engaging online magazines. The challenge is to do it thoughtfully.

I’m Hoping…

Someone will publish a Flipboard magazine on Lev Vygotsky.

Reference librarian at Bank Street College Library.

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