Browsing Journals

Sometimes we get asked for recommendations on journals to browse. Patrons either want to get a feel for what is currently being discussed in their area of interest, or want ideas on what might make a good topic for an IMP.

A while back we made a post on Google Scholar Metrics (review this post to find Google’s most popular journals). Let’s use this free tool to start reading some early childhood education journals. Here’s the top 20 according to Google Scholar. The info-graphic below has been color-coded:

  • Mauve means we only have this journal in print – look for it down the back of the Library on your right.
  • Pink means we have it only online – you’ll have to use Find a Journal to locate it on one of our subscription databases.
  • Green means we have it in print and online – still use Find a Journal for an appropriate database. Usually the print version is the latest.

Top 20 early education journals according to GoogleIf a title has not been highlighted it means we don’t have access to this journal. But don’t worry, if you have a citation we can interlibrary loan the article for you (usually takes a week turn-around).

Reference librarian at Bank Street College Library.

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