PDF Downloads

This can be most annoying. You’ve found a great article and now you want to download it and read it… but for some reason all you get is a grey screen and a spinning wheel going around, and around, and around (enough)!
pdf won't open1

Quick Fix

Help is at hand. Click on the downloads button (next to the Google search box). You’ve probably already seen a big green arrow pointing down telling you the PDF has been downloaded. OK, click it and this pop-up window should appear with the much desired PDF. Click the PDF and it should open in Adobe Acrobat Pro (or Reader).

pdf wont open2

Fixing the Problem

This does seem to be a Firefox problem. Once you have a spare minute or two try this for a more permanent solution.


Tools > Options > Applications > scroll down to Portable Document Format (PDF) and select Use Adobe Acrobat in Firefox > Click OK and exit Tools. You shouldn’t have any problems from now on.


Firefox > Preferences > Applications > scroll down to Portable Document Format (PDF) and select Preview in Firefox and that’s it.

Reference librarian at Bank Street College Library.

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