Two-Sided Printing With Google Chrome

Some people have experienced problems printing two-sided when using Google’s Chrome browser. Although the Two-sided box below has been checked – alas, no luck. One solution is to click the hyperlink below the check box Print using system dialog… (Ctrl+Shift+P).

Google_Chrome_Two-sided_printing1It  should activate the first  pop-up box blow. Make sure a TOSHIBA e-STUDIO printer has been selected (it should be the default). Click Preferences which will take you to Printing Preferences from here you can select Print on Both Sides, and for most portrait  print jobs Flip on Long Edge is the best option.


If this old style dialog box should pop-up you need to select Finishing and then check 2-Sided Printing. You’ll have to click OK a couple of times before your print job is ready.

Printing double-sidedIf you still have issues, remember there is always someone at Helpdesk who can help you: Room 703, Monday-Friday, 8am – 10 pm, 212-875-4642.

Reference librarian at Bank Street College Library.

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One comment on “Two-Sided Printing With Google Chrome
  1. […] Here’s a quick overview on how to print two-sided, staple & hole punch using a PC. For information on how to do this on a MAC see 2 Sided Printing, Staple & Hole Punch! (on a MAC). And, if your browser of choice is Chrome see Two-Sided Printing with Google Chrome. […]

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