Search the Catalog the Easy Way

We’ve made a few adjustments to the Library’s homepage search box – it’s a little more user-friendly we think. First up, type in your topic and check to see that you’ve selected the Library Catalog radio button.


Now, you have some results – 677 to be exact. Look at the left hand side of your screen, you’ll note you can now explore certain parts of the collection. The numerals next to the collection identifies the number of items in that section, e.g., Juvenile Non-Fiction Books 211 items.

refine_your_search_more If you decide that you have finished exploring a particular collection click the red and you’ll be returned to your original search. Something to note is that there is often a hyper-linked more at the bottom of a section which activates a pop-up box allowing for a more casual search.

Search_within_a_collectionWithin a collection there are opportunities to refine your search by looking at authors, year of publication, subtopics, and format.

2013-11-25_1557Finally, look on the right-hand side of the screen. Although most people are happy with results being sorted by Relevance, a very useful option is to have items sorted by Dates. Other options are Popularity, Authors, Call Numbers, and Titles. Happy searching!

Reference librarian at Bank Street College Library.

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