EBSCOHost’s Share Feature

In this post I’m exploring some hidden but useful features found on all EBSCOHost database pages. This one is called Share, and you’ll find it on the far side of your screen.

It’s best to make a MyEBSCOHost account and to sign in, and if you are at home to sign in to one of the EBSCOHost databases. If you don’t then a pop-up screen will appear once you hit the links below. The numbers below help explain the following image.
Share it

  1. Add to folder, allows you to save results and or search to a folder (if you sign in you’ll be able to save results to your MyEBSCOHost Account).
  2. Use Permalink (also know as persistent link) is a great way for you to share your discoveries with others but it can look a bit long and scary: http://search.ebscohost.com.libproxy.bankstreet.edu/login.aspx?direct=true&db=aph&db=ehh&db=eric&db=tfh&db=pdh&bquery=(Bilingual+education)+AND+(teacher+preparation)&cli0=FT&clv0=Y&cli1=RV&clv1=Y&cli2=DT1&clv2=200401-201412&type=1&site=ehost-live
  3. A much better option is to choose one of the 300 online services that are devoted to sharing – you’ll see the old stand-byes: delicious, twitter and facebook. Hit More and you’ll get a whole lot more like WordPress and Pinterest. The link they post for you looks a lot more friendlier (and shorter):  Result List: Bilingual education AND teacher preparation: EBSCOhost.

NB: If you are outside the College you will need your 14 digit barcode handy to activate the links above.

Reference librarian at Bank Street College Library.

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