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We’re always looking for free/low cost audio-visual materials for graduate students and faculty. Recently we re-visited edutopia, and came across a number of teacher education videos. They’re free to download (or embed) from edutopia’s website or through iTunes.


Most are about 4-6 minutes long. They are visually appealing, and stream well. Below is an example: Finland’s Formula for School Success (Education Everywhere Series).


Finding Videos

Although it’s quite easy to find videos on a particular topic for a specific grade level using pull-down menus, finding videos set in New York was a little harder. There are 52 and this is how we did it: we typed New York in the search box (top right-hand corner) on edutopia’s homepage. Below is a screenshot of the result list page (you’ll see New York in the top left-hand corner) and then chose Video from Filter by type on the right-hand side.

edutopia-search We would really love to hear back on your thoughts about this resource – happy viewing.

Reference librarian at Bank Street College Library.

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