Log in Username & Password Update

It’s time to renew your books and if you are like us you’ll want to do this online. But wait – what’s my barcode? Where is my barcode? Oh, no! I left my ID at work. What to do – hmmm.

Login Credentials

Have no fear. Ask the circulation desk people to swap out your 14 digit barcode (the default username) for a friendlier username. We suggest something real easy like your first initial and your last name, for example for Joe Student jstudent (one word, lower case), leave the password as changeme (one word, lower case) yes by all means change the password to something you won’t forget.

So next time Joe Student wants to renew books he would go to http://bank.waldo.kohalibrary.com/app/

  1. hit Log in
  2. type jstudent in the Username box
  3. type changeme in the Password box
  4. hit Sign In now you are ready to manage your account.

If you are a parent and your child is a heavy library user, see us and we will set your child up with a similar easy-to-remember sign-in.

Reference librarian at Bank Street College Library.

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