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Index A-Z, also known as Find a Journal (and sometimes Online Journal Finder) just got better and it’s now called Full Text Finder. You can still use it to find out where a journal resides. i.e., in print and/or online, along with coverage. To get to the page below, type your query (YC Young Children) into the Library’s homepage search box, make sure you have checked the Find a Journal radio button and hit Go.

publication intro page

In the example above YC: Young Children can be found online in three databases (EBSCOhost’s Education Resource Complete, Education Source, and ProQuest) and it’s also available in print.

We can now browse journals just like we can articles. In the image below we start from the Publications page and click on an area of interest. In this case Education which has 2,259 journals.

publication 1st page
Once we have some results we can start checking off some delimiters, such as the all important Peer Reviewed Journals. We can explore teaching & instruction, and Resource Type (journals). We can also use the Publisher delimiter. There are lots of options.

publication 2nd page

It’s quite easy to get lost on a busy screen – but never fear, help is at hand. In the screenshot below:

  1. There are four delimiters which can be used to drill down to areas of interest. Remember if you don’t like a delimiter you can “X” out of it.
  2. There are 65 publications that fit your criteria.
  3. This is the title of the journal.
  4. This journal “lives” in four databases, and is not available in print.
  5. ProQuest appears to be the best option as it’s coverage is slightly better than the others.

publication 3rd page
Although we love the simplicity of Index A-Z, we are slowly getting to like Full Text Finder give it a try and tell us what you think.

Reference librarian at Bank Street College Library.

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