Although not very big at Bank Street ProQuest is our “other” database provider (EBSCOhost is our main source). Through ProQuest we subscribe to three databases:

  • ebrary® e-books (very small)
  • Education Database
  • Gannett Newsstand (very small)

The database we are interested in, is the second one: Education Database.

OK, let’s find some articles in ProQuest. A search for articles on child life specialists nets a result list of 76,433 articles. We have checked the Full text box so we have something to read right now.


We have options to select articles that are: Peer reviewed or published in Scholarly journals.


Once you have selected an article you can read it as a PDF inside ProQuest or download it to your desktop. Don’t forget to look at Cite for an APA 6th Edition citation which you can copy and paste into your reference list (you may need to tweak).


Something that works with some databases is to enclose search terms of three or more words in quotation marks – this tells the search engine to look for these words together.

If you are on the Advanced Search screen you can also add (or remove) extra search boxes.


As you can see, we’ve cut down the number of articles in our result list to 57, but these articles are usually more focused  – give it a try!


You can access ProQuest through the Library’s database web page: > library > research-tools/research-database




Reference librarian at Bank Street College Library.

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