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When School for Children’s Admissions decided to upgrade and renovate their offices they called us to look after some panels that had graced their walls for a number of years. We saw then and immediately said. “Yes, we want them.”

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Welcome Maureen

Maureen Garvey is our new part-time Reference Librarian. She’s returned to New York city after a very long time away, mostly in Ireland, where she helped people find the resources they were looking for at the Royal Irish Academy, among

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Welcome Allie

Allie Bruce is the Library’s new Interim Children’s Librarian (a.k.a library media specialist). As Children’s Librarian, she guides students into becoming independent library users, responsible researchers, and life-long lovers of reading. She can usually be found reading aloud to students,

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Lisa, All Our Best!

Farewell Lisa! Yes, we are missing you – your legacy remains and we are finding little Lisa reminders all over the Library: Lisa’s arm chair, stool, a bento, packets of exotic teas in the kitchen, and boxes of books scattered

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Good Luck Carol!

For the last nine years Carol has been your Reference Librarian at Bank Street College of Education. During the summer vacation we learned that Carol was leaving us. We’re sad to see her go but excited that she is now

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Frank Jolliffe: Memorial

This is just in from All About Jazz. There will be a memorial for Frank at the Ivanhoe Wheelhouse in Paterson, NJ on April 1, beginning at 1 p.m., with performances by ArtCrime and other musician. Photograph of Frank’s warr

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Frank Jolliffe

Frank first started working in the Library at Bank Street, July 2008. Frank was a pretty quiet guy and kept most things to himself, but there were a few things he shared with us: his love of all things library,

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Writer-in-Residence Family Share. Thank you 9/10’s teachers & kids, and to Renée Watson! High five to Allie and Cindy.
Library Salon #16: join @bankstreetlibrary for conversation and a book talk with Educator, Activist,and Author Jonathan Silin and his book: Early Childhood, Aging, and the Life Cycle: Mapping Common Ground. This Salon is Friday, April 13, 5:30 PM to 7:00 PM, at the Bank Street Library, 5th floor of the W.112th building. Register here: @bank.street #librarysalon #jonathansilin #earlychildhoodeducation #lifecycle
Did you know that April is National Poetry Month? To celebrate the Bank Street Library created a display of poetry, that yes, is available for check out! Come by the library and see it! The display sign features the art of poet Nikki Grimes. @bank.street @school_for_children #nationalpoetrymonth #april #springisalmosthere
As the SFC students come back April 2 from their Spring Break, the Graduate School will have their SB from April 2 to April 6. Have no fear the library is open regular hours for the week! All are welcome! @school_for_children @bank.street #springbreak2018 #havefun #libraryisstillopen #bankstreetlibrary
A peek inside the library restroom. #reading #decorativeart #librarybathroom
Our graduate students hard at work in the Library! Keep up the good work everyone, spring break is almost here! @bank.street #studyhard #bankstreetlibrary #quietstudyspace
Library Salon #15 Resiliency of the Child and the Power of Play.
One of the library’s dedicated Shelvers hard at work organizing a book cart for re-shelving. #shelving #librarywork #bankstreet #workinghard #nowiknowmyabcs @bank.street @bankstreetlibrary
March is Women’s History Month. Here is the display sign and a few books on the display. Women are unbeatable. #feminism #womenhistorymonth @bank.street @bankstreetlibrary #endure #metoo