August Hours 2015

Only two and a half weeks to go till August, and patrons are starting to ask us about our hours. Below is a handy reference chart of when we are open and when we are closed.
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FEAST-Library Salon Event: Part 2

Last Thursday (June 18, 2015) Bank Street graduate students, parents, faculty, and children were treated to an evening of South Indian Carnatic drumming and storytelling. This salon was a FEAST/Library collaborative event organized by Bank Street Graduate School faculty member Nina Jaffe, and reference librarian Peter Hare.

The evening was co-hosted by graduate student and storyteller Gayathri Srinivasan and mridangam (drum) player Abhinav Seetharaman.

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First, Gayathri painted a vivid scene of how South Indian Carnatic music was an integral part of her daily life growing up in India. Gayathri said she enjoyed free classical concerts just by doing everyday tasks in her hometown. We all enjoyed learning a song Gayathri taught us; Raadhe Govinda (a song of praise to Lord Krishna).

Raadhe Govinda Song

Radhe Radhe| Radhe Radhe| Raaadhe| Govinda||
Brinda vana| Channda| Brinda vana| Channda||
Anatha natha| Deena bandho| Raaadhe| Govinda||
Anatha natha| Deena bandho| Raaadhe| Govinda||

Nanda Kumara| Navanita Chora| Raaadhe|Govinda||
Brinda vana| Channda| Brinda vana| Channda||
Anatha natha| Deena bandho| Raaadhe| Govinda||
Anatha natha| Deena bandho| Raaadhe| Govinda||

Pandari natha| Pandu ranga| Raaadhe| Govinda||
Brinda vana| Channda| Brinda vana| Channda||
Anatha natha| Deena bandho| Raaadhe| Govinda||
Anatha natha| Deena bandho| Raaadhe| Govinda||

Radhe Radhe| Radhe Radhe| Raaadhe| Govinda||
Brinda vana| Channda| Brinda vana| Channda||
Anatha natha| Deena bandho| Raaadhe| Govinda||
Anatha natha| Deena bandho| Raaadhe| Govinda||

transliterated from Sanskrit by Gayathri Srinivasan.

We used a small set of cymbals to count the rhythmic pattern or tala (rough equivalent in English might be metre) of the song. Gayantri used her hands and fingers to help her keep the tala. After several attempts we got the words right and made beautiful music!

Second, co-host Abhinav Seetharaman provided an informative mini-lecture on the mridangam. We were intrigued by the way Abhi tuned his drum and the different palm and finger formations he used to get the mridangan to talk. We were interested to learn that mathematics is very important to playing the mridangam. Mathematical patterns are at the core of mridangam and konnakol (voice used to compliment the drum). Abhi and Gayanthri showed us how rhythmic hand gestures helped with counting the beats – it was quite challenging for some of us. Below are a set of links Abhi has selected for readers who want to learn more.

Overview (YouTube)

Shiva Tandavam



Konnakol Artists (YouTube)

Subhash Chandran

Lisa Young

Mridangam & Konnakol (YouTube)

Guru Karaikudi R. Mani

Sukanya Ramgopal

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Feminist Resources for Education

It’s the topic of the latest research guide from the Library. Pedagogical theory, children’s book, journals, biographies- it’s all there, take a look!


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FEAST-Library Salon Event: Part 1


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Google Scholar Button

In Firefox it’s called an Add-on and in Chrome it’s called an Extension. You may have already been asked to add it to your toolbar, if you haven’t done so, add it now. It’s also a good idea to sign-in to your browser, and any databases you plan on using.

The Google Scholar Button icon looks like a tiny student with a blue mortar board hat.


You can activate the Google Scholar Button by clicking it during a general web search or as a stand-alone search engine.


In the example above we’re using the Google Scholar Button as a stand-alone search engine.

  1. Write your topic (educational leadership).
  2. Click the blue magnifying glass. A list of three results are returned.
  3. Look for Full-text @ Bank Street link (alternatives are BANK STREET COLLEGE OF EDUCATION – ProQuest Fulltext) clicking these links will lead you to the full-text article in our databases. The green links seem to lead to free, full-text items.
  4. Clicking the gray speech marks opens up a citation pop-up. Remember we are APA 6th.
  5. Clicking the four arrows leads you to a treasure trove of articles. On the full-screen page you will have options to limit results, e.g., to a more current time frame.
  6. The cog links back to Google Scholar setting – where you can check your library links, search language etc.


Please note that Google Scholar does a pretty job at citations but it’s not perfect, so you will need to check. In the example above (see red box) the title of the article should be in sentence case, e.g., Principal leadership and student achievement. The title of the journal should be title case, that is both Educational Leadership need to start with a capital.

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How to Submit an IMP

It’s true, the library no longer accepts print copies of IMPs, but we’re still asked many questions on how to submit them online.

Although, information can be found on the Bank Street website and (see the STAFF tab), we thought we’d put together a step-by-step post on how to do it.

Step 1

Students, send your mentor (make the subject line your first and last name with IMP e.g., Joe Student IMP)

Step 2

Students and faculty must discuss whether an IMP should either:

  • Go to the library (i.e., go online) OR
  • Not go to the library

There are a variety of reasons an IMP might not go online. It could be that there are copyright or permission problems, or the thesis might contain sensitive material. There are also issues of time where a student may not be able to complete a thesis to the level required for going online (e.g., family commitments).

Step 3

Either way the IMP should be turned into a PDF and emailed to the mentor with these two completed fillable PDF forms – type and save:

Now, the job of the student is complete.

Step 4

Mentors need to go to and look under the STAFF tab for the Independent Study Submission area (bottom right-hand side) of the page – you may have to scroll down.

  1. Start with Instructions for Submitting and Independent Study
  2. Then select and complete either:
    1. Independent Study Approval Form – for Library storage OR
    2. Independent Study Approval Form – not for Library storage

These forms are fillable PDFs so typing signatures is OK.

Step 5

Put everything together into one email to the  IMP Database and you are done.

  1. The IMP (PDF)
  2. Checklist of Requirements for Independent Studies (PDF)
  3. Independent Study Cover Sheet (PDF)
  4. Either: Independent Study Approval Form – for Library storage OR Independent Study Approval Form – not for Library storage

What Happens Next?

  • Everything is sent to the Graduate School for processing
  • IMPs that are going online are sent via a secure electronic folder to the library
  • They are cataloged and uploaded to the web
  • IMP PDFs reside on a Bank Street server
  • Records containing download links can be found in the library catalog and in WorldCat.

Common Questions

Q: Can I have a copy of my IMP bound?
A: Absolutely! Visit our How Can I Have an IMP Bound? page.

Q: Does my IMP have to be double spaced?
A: Yes, double space the entire IMP.

Q: Is the abstract page 2?
A: Yes, please make the abstract page 2 (and the title page is page 1).

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National Autism Awareness Month

April is  National Autism Awareness Month. Come see our display of books in the reference area of the library (thank you Sharrod). We also have a research guide on Autism Spectrum Disorders.

National Autism Awareness Month

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